"I want to learn how to use a lance, just like Frederick! He’s one of the knights who serves my dad and he’s really strong. Even if he does act more like a nanny than a regular knight sometimes." Frederick wouldn’t mind being called a nanny, right? He would probably care more about Lucina talking to strange common boys.

"You’re welcome. It’s no problem. I do like reading, even though it’s not my favorite thing to do." Lucina paused. Miss Princess. There it was again. “You know, you can just call me Lucina if you want.” Was that too much? At this point, she didn’t care. Laurent was the only one at this party besides her family that was treating her like a person instead of a doll.

She was full of, what was that word his mother had taught him? Ambition. That was it. Even though his passions laid elsewhere, he couldn’t help but admire someone who sounded so honest about their goals. Someone with passionate eyes and honest words was always the best to trust. So said his parents.

A brief look of hesitation flickered across Laurent’s face before he offered Lucina a hesitant smile. If she asked him to, that meant he wouldn’t get in trouble, surely. Names were much easier t use than titles, and it’d be a lie to claim he was unhappy with this development - if only a little nervous.

"Miss… Lucina," he tried, carefully pronouncing the name to make sure he had it right. "Your name… is very nice." It was an odd compliment, but ‘pretty’ seemed as if it would get him in trouble. At least this way he was still honest. "…Um, do you… want to come inside?" It was quiet in the library; that’s what she’d said she wanted earlier, right?

"G-Good evening..." Nils said slowly, trying to sound like his sister as he approached the other. This dare was so embarrassing, especially since he didn't know this person...



Looking up from his task at hand, Laurent’s expression switched from surprise, to bemused, to utter bafflement. If his assumptions were correct, then this person was doing… something with their voice, though he couldn’t begin to guess why. For several moments, he didn’t speak as his eyebrows knit together in thought. He couldn’t remember having seen this person before, but that didn’t mean he could neglect proper manners.

"Good evening," Laurent began, eyeing the other. They didn’t seem dangerous, not particularly. Just faintly odd, especially with their current choice of attire. Still, Laurent wasn’t one to judge too heavily on appearance. The choice of false hair was certainly a bit much though, in his opinion. “May I help you?”

Nils sighed. “Oh well. I can’t sew that well anyway. Might as well just let Ninian be mad at me and let her fix it up.” He shrugged a bit then blinked and touched his nose again. “I wouldn’t mind help, but I don’t think it would get infected, it’s just a little scratch…Oh! My name is Nils, by the way!”

"I apologise for not being able to help," Laurent replied with a faint smile. "I wish you the best for seeing that your attire is mended in a reasonable time."

Opening up the bottle of elixer, the young mage poured a portion of its contents onto a cloth before using it to dab carefully at Nils’ nose. He wasn’t a medic by any means, but he had the confidence to tend to small wounds at the very least. Not the best, but at least useful. “I see… A pleasure, I’m certain. My name is Laurent.”

Anonymous said:
would you rather watch Lucina die or watch Miriel die?

The mere thought of the question made Laurent’s stomach lurch. The whole purpose of his travelling to the past was to prevent such deaths from occurring ever again. Bloodied images flashed through his mind, one nightmare after another resurfacing as he tried to fight the ideas away. He wanted to puke. “…I would sooner see that my own life was forfeit before I allowed either of them to fall. No matter what the personal cost, I would always endeavour to see that they were able to see the rising of the next sun and moon.”


"Yeah…I guess…" Maybe Lucina was strong for her age, but she wouldn’t be as strong as her father for a long time. "Weapons aren’t always easy to use. But I guess magic isn’t, either. Right now I can only use swords, but hopefully I’ll be able to use other weapons someday."

She stopped outside of a large wooden door. “The library’s in here…”

Nodding, Laurent listened to Lucina with the utmost attention, his expression showing one of clear interest. She was older than him, of that much he was certain, but she already seemed very capable, even for someone of her age. It was impressive. “What other weapons do you hope to learn?” he asked, pausing as Lucina stopped. “I know the method of—” Alas, his sentence fell short as he realised what had been said. They were at the library. Yet, as pleased as this made him, he couldn’t help but regret how quickly they’d gotten there. This was one of the first times he’d ever managed to speak with someone so easily. By chance was this the feeling of becoming comrades his mother had told him about? 

"Oh… Um, thank you," his voice was growing soft again, his expression somber before he immediately straightened himself. "Do you like reading, Miss Princess?"

"I love a man in glasses..."



Clearing his throat, Laurent took a half-step back, surveying Aversa in silence. While he did, admittedly, wear glasses himself, it wasn’t as if he were the only one. They were common enough in the world, but his bafflement fell on why he was suddenly being addressed with this rather odd fact. Perhaps she wished to know more on glasses care to assist someone else?

"I see," he murmured, inclining his head, "Many people find that glasses gives off the appearance that one is highly educated. However, the need for enhancement in one’s vision holds no relation to intelligence, thus making the standard attraction for them false in assumed nature." He paused, pushing his own glasses up his nose. "Are you intending to find a tomb for studying the proper care for corrective lenses? I should have one."

Aversa chuckled. Picking on young men was always so fun. “Alright…” she hummed, sitting on the desk he was previously working at. “I’m game. Show me an experiment, and make it something impressive! Or I might have to show you something instead…” She chuckled, stroking a test tube in a way that just… just wasn’t scientific at dfs

That was something of a vague order. Laurent prided himself on being clever, but he was far from a mind reader. Although, Aversa had not yet joined their wayward group until rather recently. Perhaps he could make use of the newer invention he’d made with his mother. They were, after all, very visually stunning. “If you’re interested, I would be most willing to assist to your interest in the sciences. Do you by chance have any colours you find favourable in appearance?”



"She sounds very nice." Lucina thought it would be nice to learn magic, but she felt more comfortable with a sword in her hands. Even if she was only allowed to use a wooden practice sword. Her mother was trying to teach her how to dance. Lucina liked it and she wasn’t too bad at it, but she didn’t love it the way her mother did. Anyway, if she said anything, Laurent might ask for a demonstration. Lucina wasn’t quite ready to show anyone what she was learning. Although Laurent didn’t seem like the type of person to ask for that.

"My father’s teaching me how to use a sword. I wish I could fight as well as he can. Because I don’t want anybody to get hurt either…"

"You can use a sword?" Laurent asked, his eyes widening a fraction behind his glasses. "You must be very strong. My father uses melee weapons too." That had been the proper word, yes? Or so he hoped. His mother had referred to it as barbaric, but barbaric was generally an insult to get his father worked up. He didn’t want to insult the princes… "I’m not very good with weapons myself… If I want to help, I’ll have to use magic and logic. That’s what my mother says."

It was really a strange thing for such a young boy to be saying, but given his family, it was fair standard. Or perhaps just standard for having come from his mother. “Do you use other weapons too?”


((Lucina’s just being Lucina and assuming the worst lmao))

((I feel like Laurent’s loyalties to Lucina are being tested in this or something…

Fortunately he is dumb with romance. So that works for him.))