"Er, hey, Laurent, do you have a moment?" Morgan asked a bit shyly.



Looking up from the pile of parchment he’d been pouring over, Laurent blinked owlishly at the sudden presence of one of his comrades. It only took his mind but a second to process the face and a name fell from his lips, “Morgan,” he straightened his back and pushed the notes away, nodding. “Yes, of course. How might I be of assistance?”

"Well, Laurent…I was just thinking lately…" Morgan furrowed his eyebrows. "I’m sure you remember how I’m having trouble with my memory- …hey, that sentence was kind of ironic!" Morgan chuckled. "Er anyways, I’m having trouble remembering things, such as my father, just as an example. You’re really smart and know a lot about the mind, memory, and other topics of the sort. Do you think maybe you could help me figure out what’s the matter and see if I can work on retrieving some of those memories?"

It wasn’t often anyone aside from his mother actually asked Laurent to put together an experiment or anything of the sort. Granted, fear of him inheriting his mother’s overzealous habits might have added to this, but he liked to believe he was perfectly logical and sane with his endeavours. Only once had he managed to set a tent on fire, and he’d gotten it out quickly enough. But that was neither here nor there.

"Your proposal is quite intriguing, Morgan," he spoke with a nod, turning to face the other fully. "While I have dabbled in the study of a human mind, I’m afraid I am by no means an expert." Wine-coloured eyes observed his fellow soldier gently. To be without memories would be terrifying. He had spent many years alone, but at least he’d had the hope of what he knew from before and a goal to give him something solid to stand on. What had Morgan experienced without that…?

"It would be undoubtedly cruel of me to cast you aside without consideration nor attempts at finding a method of action for this problem. However…" Laurent paused, bringing his hands together on his lap. "You must understand, experimenting on the mind can prove to be a tenacious task. Should a mistake be made, you must take into consideration that more memories have the potential to be lose. Is that factor of a risk something you are willing to face?"


"But…but if you share your burdens they become lighter. That doesn’t just go for you but for everyone here, Laurent," the taguel spoke softly, his face slightly saddened. "You don’t have to keep your fears and troubles bottled up for the sake of everyone else." Yarne wasn’t even touching his tea or carrots at this point. "Laurent I…promise me you’ll be o.k….please! You’re my friend and I…I don’t want to see you like this…."

With a practiced smile, Laurent kept his hands under the table where they would remained unseen. His hands were clenched into tight fists, clenching the lower fabric of his tunic as he tried to ease his racing mind. Yarne still had no idea; he didn’t have a reason to be worried. He just needed to remain calm for a little longer, he wasn’t worrying anyone. Not in the way he feared he was. “I suspect you are quite right in your statement,” he began. “It would be foolish for any of us to try and shoulder burdens alone.”

He was a hypocrite and he knew it. Still, he couldn’t find the willpower within himself to speak. He’d kept his book closed for too long, he often wondered if it was simply stuck; doomed to be closed forever. “I assure you I will be just fine, Yarne. You are causing yourself needless worry on my account.”

"Er, hey, Laurent, do you have a moment?" Morgan asked a bit shyly.

Looking up from the pile of parchment he’d been pouring over, Laurent blinked owlishly at the sudden presence of one of his comrades. It only took his mind but a second to process the face and a name fell from his lips, “Morgan,” he straightened his back and pushed the notes away, nodding. “Yes, of course. How might I be of assistance?”

Anonymous said:


Lucina bit her lip nervously. She felt bad, but it was probably best to leave before anyone got suspicious. “No, don’t be sorry. I’m only leaving so no one gets too worried once they notice I’m not at the party. If it were up to me and I wasn’t a princess, I’d definitely be staying in here.”

He looked so disappointed, but Lucina had to do what was expected of her… “I’m really sorry! You didn’t do anything wrong…”

Again, Laurent shook his head, unconsciously grasping the tome he’d acquired earlier tightly against his chest. She didn’t seem to be annoyed by him, nor angry or upset. That was always a good sign for him. It meant this was ending better than most of his social interactions.

"It’s okay," Laurent spoke again, shaking his head. "My mother said she wanted me to meet you. That’s why we came. So this was good, right?" His words were slow and careful, tryng to ease the other’s worries. He didn’t want this girl to feel bad. Weren’t people supposed to be happy on their birthday? "You should be enjoying your party."

> Gets online.

> First thing she sees is Inigo farting on Frederick.

> … *returns to trying to remember e-mail password*


"Laurent, we all worry!" Yarne said assertively, leaning in slightly. "You really think you’re the only one worried about everyone else here in the army? Heck, I’m afraid one day my cowardly actions will cost someone their life!" he admitted, his voice gaining a bit more life and concern in it. "Laurent…you’re not alone in this…"

Truth be told, Yarne perhaps wasn’t the best person to be counseling the sage through all this but the taguel didn’t feel right just leaving the man to wallow in his worry like this.

With all the genuine enthusiasm Yarne was offering him, Laurent felt guilty for lying. His comrade was good and honest, and if he were to have told the other the truth, he had little doubt Yarne would have run off to tell anyone else. Still, he couldn’t afford to cause the other any more stress or concern than he already shouldered.  It wouldn’t be fair. Not in his mind.

"I don’t doubt others are weary of the days to come," the sage spoke, his expression soft. "I merely didn’t want to add upon the burden so many around us already carry." It was an honest excuse, but an excuse none-the-less. But how could he allow himself to falter when so many relied on him? "I simply… got myself worked up. Though I thank you for the assurances."


Lucina felt guilty, but at least Laurent didn’t seem too sad. “Um…sure,” she said. She didn’t want to disappoint Laurent, and she still thought that seeing what his mother looked like would be interesting. She had probably seen a picture of young Chrom somewhere, but she didn’t want to bring that up and make Laurent feel bad. “I’m not sure how long I can stay here though…” The people at the party were probably starting to worry by now. Maybe they’d send guards after her.

Faltering in mid-step, Laurent looked back at Lucina with a small frown. He’d gotten so excited about the prospect of the library, he’d completely neglected the fact for why he’d come to the castle in the first place. “Your party,” he murmured, looking at the ground. “I’m… sorry. I didn’t mean to distract you from your friends. If you want to leave, it’s okay.” He didn’t want to keep her there. After all, not everyone was as bad at making friends as he was.

She’d likely forget him anyway.

"I love a man in glasses..."




Clearing his throat, Laurent took a half-step back, surveying Aversa in silence. While he did, admittedly, wear glasses himself, it wasn’t as if he were the only one. They were common enough in the world, but his bafflement fell on why he was suddenly being addressed with this rather odd fact. Perhaps she wished to know more on glasses care to assist someone else?

"I see," he murmured, inclining his head, "Many people find that glasses gives off the appearance that one is highly educated. However, the need for enhancement in one’s vision holds no relation to intelligence, thus making the standard attraction for them false in assumed nature." He paused, pushing his own glasses up his nose. "Are you intending to find a tomb for studying the proper care for corrective lenses? I should have one."

That was something of a vague order. Laurent prided himself on being clever, but he was far from a mind reader. Although, Aversa had not yet joined their wayward group until rather recently. Perhaps he could make use of the newer invention he’d made with his mother. They were, after all, very visually stunning. “If you’re interested, I would be most willing to assist to your interest in the sciences. Do you by chance have any colours you find favourable in appearance?”

Okay, he had her attention now. “My three favorite colors are purple, gold, and black. In that order.” She watched him closely, excited by the prospect of what he was about to show her.

Relief shot across Laurent’s face when he heard his question answered. At least she wasn’t feeling the need to invade his personal space anymore. That was a start. He hoped. He just needed to keep her occupied for the time being.

"I see… Purple and gold will work nicely," Laurent murmured to himself as he strode quickly over to a table covered in jars and bottles. His eyes scanned the various labels, gathering several of them together on an another smaller table nearby. If memory served, purple would be the harder to create. He had managed to make a rather stunning shade of violet with his mother once; hopefully his audience would approve of that.


Yarne was a tad confused over everything Laurent had just said but then again, he always was with Laurent’s rather extensive vocabulary and speech patterns. He nodded slowly with a blank look on his face until finally he felt like he knew what Laurent was talking about. “L-Laurent were you…having a nightmare or something?”

The words made Laurent’s blood run cold. He prided himself at being able to hide both his feelings and thoughts — though it wasn’t something to be terribly proud of. He couldn’t remember having ever lowered his guard around the taguel enough to be read so easily. He knew well that the gentle rabbit meant him no harm, nor was he convinced anything he said would leave the tent, but it wasn’t in his nature to open up so easily. Based on his deductions, Yarne had plenty of concerns as it was. He couldn’t so easily drop more on his comrade.

"A nightmare? No, rather, I suppose I was allowing my mind to elaborate and hypothesis on rather meaningless things. I fear I was allowing anxiety to get the better of me and I imagined worse-case scenarios in my mind. Such things are hardly conducive for acquiring rest." Laurent shook his head and offered the other a light smile. Hopefully it might reaffirm his words and offer reassurance. "I apologise if my actions tonight caused you to worry by any means."